somehow, I cannot fathom the depths of the sky, yet I always manage to fall in headfirst.

miu cielo! sanguine elven airbender princess adventurer.

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But if of ships I now should sing, what ship would come to me? What ship would bear me ever back across so wide a Sea?
「 sea air 」


Watching Pokémon on Saturday mornings as a kid

white people are not the only people in the world capable of being misogynistic and racist, you western-obsessed morons

white people are not the only people in the world capable of subjugating others

your activist card should be repealed and you should be forced to take a history class

OH MY GOD i am so sorry you got an anon like this ugh i got the same kind a while back and i almost wanted to throw up. some people are sick little monkeys. *gag*

doesn’t it make you sad to know that people like this exist

Anonym whispered:
What I mean to say is that they're just fantasies. It's not as if we're condoning real-life incestuous relationships.

it doesn’t matter that it’s fictional

it’s an incestuous relationship

and that is gross

Anonym whispered:
Wow, asshole. What's wrong with incest ships? They're just ships.

oh my gosh

this genuinely makes me worry about the future of human life

i dunno whether to laugh at all the marnie-anna shippers of feel bad for them

marnie is anna’s grandmother you have been shipping grandma-child incest

and if you think studio ghibli (an animation studio run by middle-aged japanese men in a country even more tight-lipped about homosexuality than any western country with very different morals) is going to change a character from anna’s grandmother to anna’s lesbian lover then you are laughably deranged

he’s actually baring his teeth before he goes in for the kill


i have such nice skin








[apparently Gimli was the equivalent of 14 during The Hobbit timeline

for aggressivelyfwddwarves]